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World War III Future Battle Predictions | Economic Warfare

American military planners usually fall into the trap of preparing to fight the next war using the same weapons and tactics as the last war.  But, inevitably, the weapons and tactics of the next war are always different.

So it will be in our future… WW3 won’t be like WW2, Korea, Vietnam, or Iraq/Afghanistan.  To prevent catastrophic, mutual destruction, countries will try to avoid using their arsenals of nuclear and biological weapons. In fact, they’d prefer to defeat their enemy without using ships, planes, guns, and bombs at all.

Note: This post was published in April 2018.

Economic Warfare

Through sanctions and tariffs, the USA is now waging economic warfare against Turkey, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, N Korea, and others. Every one of these countries’ economies is hurting as a result, while the American economy seems to be improving. This economic warfare is the start of WW3.

For example, here’s a graphic (from a video) showing the disaster that’s now happening in the Turkish lira.

Graph showing the shocking state of turkey's economy after currency meltdown

American Provocation

For some mysterious, suicidal reason, the US seems to be trying to actively provoke other countries to retaliate against the US, just as Roosevelt used sanctions against Japan in 1941, resulting in the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor.

America is like Goliath, a seemingly invincible giant.

Expect Retaliation

Within the last week, top leaders of Russia, China, Turkey, and Iran have all warned that, unless America stops these economic attacks, the US should expect to suffer dire consequences.

Unrestricted Warfare book cover

In the 2002 edition of Unrestricted Warfare, China’s Plan to Destroy America, Chinese Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui wrote that

“war with the USA was inevitable”


“American military’s obsession with high-tech precision weapons, so well deployed during the Gulf War, has deluded American military planners into a false sense of superiority.”

Just as the Nazi army easily bypassed France’s concrete ‘Maginot line’ of fortifications to defeat France, America’s adversaries will bypass the high-tech US military. For decades, Chinese (and Russian, Iranian, etc.) military planners have strategized to defeat and neutralize the USA using weapons and tactics the Americans aren’t expecting or ready for, including:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Biological warfare
  • Media warfare
  • Economic actions to destroy the dollar, credit, etc.
  • Racial, political, and economic strife leading to civil unrest
  • Electric grid shutdowns
  • Water reservoir pollution
  • Destruction of moral standards and the rule of law
  • Degrade the populace through marijuana, opioids, etc.
  • Psychological warfare
  • Weather modification warfare
  • Cause natural disasters to occur
  • International law warfare

Babylon Destroyed

WW3 has started. The weapons and tactics listed above will escalate until nukes destroy cities. (See the Sequence of End-time Events.)

What to Do?

We can’t prevent WW3, but we can try to prepare ourselves. Here’s what I suggest for everyone to do now:

  1. Get right with God.  The birth of a new age is imminent and the birthing process will be a time of tribulation for everyone. God’s kingdom is displacing Satan’s kingdom; smart people will join the winning side now.
  2. Be prepared with emergency food, water, resources, and skills. This is wise, even for normal power outages, storms, etc.
  3. Be flexible to react according to the situation. We don’t know exactly how (or how quickly) WW3 will unfold, so we need to be watchful and flexible to react accordingly.
  4. Recognize that darkness always precedes the light of morning. There’s hope!

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