Biblical News & Analysis | Life, Hope, Persecution, and Destiny 9/11/22

This newsletter focuses on King Charles III…

“another sign appeared in heaven: a huge red dragon…” 

Revelation 12:3

I address the question: “Is the king with this Red Dragon on his ‘coat of arms’ a viable candidate to become the Antichrist?”

Contents of this week’s newsletter:

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Biblical Ages of Gods Plan

What is God Doing This Week?

From a global end-time perspective, God is preparing both individuals and nations for the climax of history at Armageddon. (Please refer to the chart above to orient yourself regarding where we are in God’s plan of the ages.)

As we transition out of “The Present Wicked Age” we’re going to see the kingdom of God completely destroy and replace the Devil’s kingdom on the earth. Afterward, 1000 years of righteousness and peace is destined to replace evil and violence on the earth.

So, at this point in God’s plan, God is doing two main things:

  1. Preparing His disciples for their final ministry at the end of this present wicked age, and
  2. Allowing the enemy to assemble a one-world ‘beast system’ for the final showdown at Armageddon. (With the rise of King Charles III the beast system just took a big step toward realization.)

Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

The Queen said she would have liked to remain on earth until the Lord’s return. Based on her confession below, I believe her spirit is now with Jesus.

Queen Elizabeth

God is Preparing His Disciples

  • Today, God is calling and maturing 144,000 disciples of Jesus. God will unveil His glory that now resides hidden in these disciples. 
  • This is the manifestation of the sons of God, and there will be 12,000 from each tribe of ‘spiritual’ Israel.
  • The 144,000 are Jewish and Gentile disciples of Yeshua/Jesus. The important thing is not their physical genealogy, it’s their faith, dedication, and truthfulness. (Rev 14:3-5)
  • According to Romans 8:19, all of creation is waiting in eager expectation for this event.
  • The 144,000 are in every nation and language on earth. They’ll go out 2 by 2, proclaiming the kingdom of God to their own countrymen, visibly clothed in God’s radiant glory.
  • As a result of their ministry, Revelation 7:9 says an “innumerable multitude” (billions) of souls will believe the gospel and become disciples.

God is Allowing the Beast System to Arise on the Earth

  • Today, God is allowing the Devil to create an antichristian, global beast system with economic, governmental, and religious components. Everyone who chooses to reject God’s truth (proclaimed by the 144,000) will submit to this beast system–at the cost of their soul.
  • The Great Reset will implement a global digital economic and governmental control system.
  • After everyone has an account in this system, an authenticating ‘mark of the beast’ will be required to buy or sell. (Revelation 13:17)
  • The Great Reset will bring all nations under submission to a global government. The final Antichrist will rise up to sit on its throne for a short time.
  • The ecumenical movement will produce a conglomerate global religion, the final whore of Babylon.
  • Pope Francis is actively working with leaders from all major world religions to construct this Frankenstein. The USA doesn’t appear in Bible prophecy, so (regarding the photo below) I expect the US president to be replaced, possibly by King Charles, in the near future.
Vatican-USA-WEF leaders
Mr. Biden, Pope Francis, and Klaus Schwab representing governmental, religious, and economic world powers. Image is from the Roman Catholic Advent Messenger

What is Satan Doing This Week?

Note 1: The sequence of this section’s headings is taken from Matthew 24:4-14, when Jesus told His disciples what would happen in the end-time.

Note 2: This section is news of what happened this week–just the facts, with hyperlinks so you can verify my sources. In the next section (Current Events’ Analysis) I’ll provide prophetic analysis and my opinions about these events, and what to expect in the future.

Note 3: The events below can be depressing if you don’t keep the right perspective. Therefore,

  • Always keep what God is doing to build His kingdom in the forefront of your mind, even as He allows Satan to use evil and violence to accomplish his goal of world rulership at the end of the age.
  • Remember that God and His faithful disciples win in the end, and their eternity is forever glorious. (See Revelation chapters 21 and 22.)

Be Careful That No One Misleads You (24:4 Amplified)

Climate Change

  • The scientific truth is that the Sun is the major driver for the changes we’re seeing in the earth’s climate. The effect of human activity on climate change is inconsequential by comparison.
  • But the globalist-controlled media lies to us. They ignore the sun’s effects, trying to make us all believe climate change is our fault. As a result, they say we all have to take drastic, sacrificial action to save the planet. But their goal isn’t to save the planet–their goal is total control over all humanity.
  • The globalists’ solutions amount to a “global suicide pact.” Watch this video up to 2:42.

King Charles III

I expect the worldwide media will start presenting a positive image of King Charles.

  • Up to now he’s been portrayed (in my opinion) as a bumbling elitist with mommy issues.
    • e.g., he dumped Diana for Camilla
  • But now that he’s king, I expect they’ll portray him as a world leader who is worthy of following.

Wars and Rumors of Wars (Matthew 24:6)

  • It’s week 28 of the Russian invasion into Ukraine.
    • Ukraine reportedly took 400 square miles of territory back from the Russians.

Famines in Various Places (Matthew 24:7)

In the video below, the pope is calling for all worldwide Catholic church funds to be sent back to the Vatican before 10/1/22.

He’s a World Economic Fund insider, so this tells me the expected financial crash will probably come soon in early October 2022, just before the US congressional mid-term election, and before civil unrest really kicks-off in the Northern hemisphere over winter energy prices and shortages.

  • Europeans will be miserable this winter
    • Prison for those who rebel against thermostat regulations
    • Energy shortage blamed on the Ukraine war
    • Factories will be forced to shut down
    • “Parts of the German economy will simply stop producing for the time being”
    • The head of NATO said, “There will be civil unrest… but Europeans must make sacrifices to support the war in Ukraine”

Jesus said, “All these things are the beginning of birth pangs.” (Matthew 24:8)

Then They Will Deliver You to be Persecuted and Killed (Matthew 24:9)

The fastest-growing Church in the world today is the underground Church in Iran. Most are home churches, and most are led by women.

After watching Biden’s speech last week, this is their message to Americans.

    And This Gospel of the Kingdom Will be Preached in All the World as a Testimony to All Nations, and Then the End Will Come. (Matthew 24:14)

    • Remember, God is not on the defense! He will soon pour out His Spirit, power, and glory on His faithful disciples.
    • All creation eagerly awaits this event!
    • As a result of their preaching an innumerable multitude, with representatives from every nation and language, will be saved in the final harvest of the earth. (Revelation 7:9)

    Current Events’ Analysis

    The ‘My Son HunterMovie

    A movie about the Hunter Biden just got released, but you won’t find it in theaters or on Amazon, Netflix, etc. It exposes the Biden crime family in graphic detail.

    Hunter Biden’s life “is basically perfect for a Hollywood movie except (unlike Hunter with his many prostitutes) Tinseltown just isn’t going to touch it.”

    If you want to watch it you can buy it here.

    Note: I don’t need to see more evidence of the Biden family’s crimes. So, in order to keep a pure conscience, I’m choosing not to watch this movie. Neither am I suggesting you watch it.

    Will King Charles III become the Antichrist?

    For decades Monte Judah (Messianic Bible teacher) taught that Prince Charles met all the Biblical criteria to become the Antichrist. I’ll post his new video on this topic at the bottom of this section. I’ll let him itemize his rationale for this belief.

    My Perspective about Charles

    I’ve listened to Monte teach this many times, but I personally didn’t think Charles looked like a good candidate to be the Antichrist. However, I’m keeping an open mind about it, and I’ll share what I know at this time so you can watch him too.

    In addition to what Monte says in his video below, here’s what I know about King Charles that could make him an Antichrist candidate.

    • King Charles III is a leader in the United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF)
    • King Charles III is a radical environmentalist who says it would take 4 earths to feed the current world’s population. (This is one reason why King Charles believes in depopulation.)
    • King Charles is an elitist who doesn’t care about people
      • He agrees with Dr. Harari who plans to depopulate (kill) ‘the vast majority of mankind.’
      • During the signing ceremony that made him king, Watch below as Charles ‘bares his teeth’ toward a subordinate. It’s a 32-second clip. To me, this unguarded micro-expression speaks volumes about his real, underlying character–and it’s not good.

    Monte Judah Video

    Here’s Monte’s new video sharing why he believes King Charles III is a strong candidate to become the Antichrist. It should start at the 8:40 mark.

    How to Maintain a Positive and Victorious Attitude in the End-time

    How can you have a positive, victorious attitude when we’re literally living at the end of the age?

    First, walk in communion with the Holy Spirit, in submission to the Law of Christ. Isaiah 26:3 promises, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

    Then, if you’re walking in communion with God, use the OODA Loop process:

    1. Observe: see what the true situation is, without hiding from it or sugar-coating it. Guard against normalcy bias when reality shows things really are bad and getting worse. Today, Christians are like Jews in 1930s Germany. You see signs of trouble ahead, but will you heed the signs?
    2. Orient: where do these events fit within God’s prophetic schedule? What can we expect to happen in the near future?
    3. Decide: in view of (1) what’s happening now and (2) what’s likely to happen, what should you do to prepare–physically, mentally, spiritually?
    4. Act: take action according to your assessment and decisions.
    5. Loop: keep repeating steps 1 through 4.

    If you have questions about how to practically do these things, email me at

    End-time Chart

    The timeline below is from my Sequence of End-time Events article. It details my current understanding of the end-time transition period, from one age to the next. As of today I believe we’re in the time of the 3rd Horseman–Shortages.

    You can easily match many of the items under the 4 Horsemen with events in this week’s news.

    Three Destinies for Christians

    As I discuss in more detail in my Sequence of End Time Events article, Christians will soon be forced to sort themselves into one of three destinies:

    “If anyone is destined for captivity, into captivity he will go; if anyone is to die by the sword, by the sword he must be killed.” Here is a call for the perseverance and faith of the saints.” (Revelation 13:10)

    Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s leader, hoped that the Covid-19 crisis would be the catalyst for the Great Reset. But the Covid pandemic didn’t get it done. It wasn’t dire enough to reset the world’s economies and bring national governments under a single global authority. 

    As a result, the globalists know they need a larger event. This event will probably cause the distribution of electricity, food, water, and fuels to stop; for a week, a month, or as long as it takes to make the nations desperate for a solution. Many things could cause this stoppage: a solar flare, an economic collapse, a terrorist or nuclear attack, etc.

    Regardless of whether it’s caused by a natural disaster or manmade, the globalists will use this event to trigger the Great Reset. The event will bring desperate nations into a central currency, begging for relief, and they’ll willingly submit their sovereignty under a global government.

    Then, according to Rev 13:10 (above), every Christian will be forced to choose one of these destinies:

    1. 95% of believers will willingly trade their freedom for food, water, and shelter. They’ll surrender themselves into government control, which means captivity. In captivity, they’ll eventually be forced to either comply by taking the “mark of the beast,” or die.
    2. Patriots and constitutionalists will be killed if they forcefully rebel against the new government. Jesus said, “All those who draw the sword shall die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52)
    3. A small remnant of God’s disciples will be prepared to persevere in the wilderness in a “camp of the saints” during the great tribulation. (Revelation 12:6, 14) This experience is called “The Greater Exodus,” and it’s rehearsed every October in the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles. I’ll elaborate more about this in future newsletters.

    One of the main reasons I’m publishing this newsletter is to share this information with my subscribers so that they can understand and prepare themselves to consciously choose (and prepare for) the third destiny–perseverance.

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