Biblical News & Analysis | Life, Hope, Persecution, and Destiny 8/27/22

  1. Do you “belong to the truth,” or do you live “under the power of the evil one?” This week’s newsletter focuses on Jesus’ very first words about the end-time in all three synoptic gospels. He said, “Be careful that no one deceives you.” (Matthew 24:4, Mark 13:5, Luke 21:8) As you’ll see, Satan’s global world system conspires to deceive all of mankind, and he’s been successful–except for a small number who “belong to the truth.” I’ll show how this world’s governments and mainstream media outlets collaborate to create a false worldview that denies (or distracts people from) God’s truth, and how you can avoid being deceived. Click this link to go there directly.
  2. What will happen to the US, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and China in the next few years? Click this link to go there directly.

Contents of this week’s newsletter:

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Biblical Ages of Gods Plan

What is God Doing This Week?

From a global end-time perspective, God is preparing both individuals and nations for the climax of history at Armageddon. (Please refer to the chart above to orient yourself regarding where we are in God’s plan of the ages.)

As we transition out of “The Present Wicked Age” we’re going to see the kingdom of God completely destroy and replace the Devil’s kingdom on the earth. A millennium of righteousness and peace is destined to replace evil and violence on the earth.

So, at this point in God’s plan, God is doing two main things:

  1. Preparing His disciples for their final end-time ministry, and
  2. Allowing the enemy to assemble a one-world ‘beast system’ for the final showdown at Armageddon.

God is Preparing His Disciples

  • Today, God is calling and maturing 144,000 disciples of Jesus. God will unveil His glory that now resides hidden in these disciples. 
  • This is the manifestation of the sons of God, and there will be 12,000 from each tribe of ‘spiritual’ Israel.
  • The 144,000 are Jewish and Gentile disciples of Yeshua/Jesus. The important thing is not their physical genealogy, it’s their faith, dedication, and truthfulness. (Rev 14:3-5)
  • According to Romans 8:19, all of creation is waiting in eager expectation for this event.
  • The 144,000 are in every nation and language on earth. They’ll go out 2 by 2, proclaiming the kingdom of God to their own countrymen, visibly clothed in God’s radiant glory.
  • As a result of their ministry, Revelation 7:9 says an “innumerable multitude” (billions) of souls will believe the gospel and become disciples.

God is Allowing the Beast System to Arise on the Earth

  • Today, God is allowing the Devil to create an antichristian, global beast system with economic, governmental, and religious components. Everyone who chooses to reject God’s truth (proclaimed by the 144,000) will submit to this beast system–at the cost of their soul.
  • The Great Reset will implement a global digital economic and governmental control system.
  • After everyone has an account in this system, an authenticating ‘mark of the beast’ will be required to buy or sell. (Revelation 13:17)
  • The Great Reset will bring all nations under submission to a global government. The final Antichrist will rise up to sit on its throne for a short time.
  • The ecumenical movement will produce a conglomerate global religion, the final whore of Babylon.
  • Pope Francis is actively working with leaders from all major world religions to construct this Frankenstein
Vatican-USA-WEF leaders
Mr. Biden, Pope Francis, and Klaus Schwab representing governmental, religious, and economic world powers. Image is from the Roman Catholic Advent Messenger

What is Satan Doing This Week?

Note 1: The sequence of this section’s headings is taken from Matthew 24:4-14, when Jesus told His disciples what would happen in the end-time.

Note 2: This section is news of what happened this week–just the facts, with hyperlinks so you can verify my sources. In the next section (Current Events’ Analysis) I’ll provide prophetic analysis and my opinions about these events, and what to expect in the future.

Note 3: The events below can be depressing if you don’t keep the right perspective. Therefore,

  • Always keep what God is doing to build His kingdom in the forefront of your mind, even as He allows Satan to use evil and violence to accomplish his goal of world rulership at the end of the age.
  • Remember that God and His faithful disciples win in the end, and their eternity is forever glorious. (See Revelation chapters 21 and 22.)

Be Careful That No One Misleads You (24:4 Amplified)

The featured image at the top of this article is Revelation 14:5, which says, “In their mouth no lie was found, for they are blameless.” This is referring to 144,000 saints standing on Mount Zion

God contrasts the 144,000, who don’t lie, with all liars in the verse below,

But to the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and sexually immoral and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death.”

Revelation 21:8

As I gathered material for this week’s newsletter I was amazed at the current deluge of lies in the media. (I’ll provide many examples below.) I know that lies are not new, but the volume of lies is definitely increasing. And, they’re blatant, ‘in-your-face,’ and almost overwhelming.

Truth vs Lies

Jesus said. “For this reason I was born and have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to My voice.

“What is truth?” Pilate asked.

John 18:37-38

Do you ‘belong to the truth?’

Or, like Pilate, do you wonder what it is? Teachers and leaders in the world system deny there is such a thing as truth. They say “everything is relative.” As a result, they believe the lie that ‘perception is reality.’

Jesus is the incarnation of truth. As you can see in the verses above, YHWH honors the truth, and all those who belong to it. The truth does exist; it’s the foundation of all creation, and it’s not changed by the will of man or devil.

The laws of nature are physical examples of truth. Otherwise, there would be no stability in the universe. Think about time, gravity, and the movements of the sun, moon, and stars. They’re all stable and they’ve been dependable for eons. Otherwise, our world would be totally chaotic. They quietly tell some of the truths in God’s creation.

The truth doesn’t shout its message, like the world does, but if anyone desires to know the truth, God will reveal it to him. (John 7:17)


According to Luke 4:5-6 the Devil (aka Satan) has authority over all the kingdoms of the world, and he gives ruling authority to anyone he chooses. The world leaders in Satan’s world system don’t belong to the truth. Instead, they practice ‘perception is reality.’ They ‘spin’ the truth, and control the messaging, which are euphemisms for lying.

Goebbels ‘Big Lie’ Philosophy

World leaders in Satan’s kingdom know they’re lying, and they know truth is their enemy. They’ve ‘sold their soul’ for power in this world. Hitler’s propaganda minister (Joseph Goebbels) is a prime example. He said,

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Government and media propagandists today follow this philosophy–because it works to control the masses.


In the 1930s Hitler and Goebbels used Edward Bernays’ concept of ‘crystallizing public opinion’ to perfect the use of propaganda to manufacture public consent in Germany.

In his 1988 book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media, MIT professor Noam Chomsky argued that the mass communication media of the U.S. today:

“are effective and powerful ideological institutions that carry out a system-supportive propaganda function, by reliance on market forces, internalized assumptions, and self-censorship, and without overt coercion”, by means of the propaganda model of communication.

pg 306

Simply put, Chomsky said today’s media channels are effective and powerful propaganda tools to support ‘the system.’ The media literally ‘programs’ the public’s perception of reality, just as a computer is programmed.

If you doubt the mainstream media are actually propaganda channels, I challenge you to do an experiment:

  1. Set your cable TV box to record the nightly news from the ABC, NBC, and CBS channels for a few days.
  2. Then watch the headlines at the beginning of each and you’ll immediately see they’re all spouting the same stories, from the same perspectives, even using the same videos.
A Common Information Source

The mainstream media channels obviously use a common information source to program the public’s worldview and opinions concerning current events, right and wrong, and good vs evil. The channels all promote the same stories and viewpoints.

It’s therefore obvious that a central entity tells them what stories to publish, and what messages and perspectives to promote. This is how they program the thinking of millions of citizens. It’s like Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s ‘Brave New World.’

Programming to Create the Public’s Perception of Reality

Generally, you can summarize the programmed world’s perception of reality as follows:

  • Self-reliance, Russia, Trump, anti-abortion, guns, moral intolerance, and MAGA people are all bad.
  • Gov’t-dependence, gov’t spending programs, equity, social justice, Ukraine, Biden, moral tolerance, abortion, LGTBQ, and a liberal government are all good.
Honest Questions Are Off-Limits

Honest questions are off-limits for mainstream media. For example, you’ll never hear these questions asked on ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, or Fox:

  • Presidential Coup D’état? Why wasn’t there a complete, public review of the alleged evidence that the 2020 US presidential election was stolen by the democrats? Why wouldn’t the Supreme Court settle the matter, publicly and transparently, to settle all the ‘conspiracy theories?’ Instead, the media used its power to label all charges of election fraud as untrue. But we never saw an unbiased, public, and transparent evaluation to determine the actual truth. Since all the media said the charges were untrue, and all dissenting voices were either censored or marginalized, the public assumed they must be right.
  • Afghanistan Debacle: Why no accountability for the leadership failures concerning the way we left Afghanistan? And why no leadership accountability for the US drone killing a family of innocent civilians as we left? Why wasn’t $7 Billion in US military equipment destroyed rather than giving this treasure trove of functioning weapons and equipment to the Taliban terrorists?
  • Ukraine Aid Accountability: It’s not unreasonable to say Ukraine is infamous for its corrupt politicians. Why is there zero financial accountability for the billions of taxpayer dollars now going to Ukraine? Is it going into corrupt Ukrainian (or American) politician’s pockets?
  • Big Pharma: Why won’t the CDC label monkey pox as a sexually transmitted disease, affecting about 1% of the population? Instead, they’re promoting another ‘vaccine’ for the general public. Are they colluding with ‘big pharma’ to generate huge profits at the taxpayer’s expense–as they’re still doing with the Covid vaccine and its boosters?
  • Why War? Why didn’t Ukraine simply avoid being invaded by saying they would not join NATO? Why are Biden and NATO pushing this war with Russia in Ukraine, and possibly WW3 as they continually ‘poke the bear?’
  • Biden Corrupt? What about Joe Biden bribing Ukrainian leaders to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden? Why hasn’t Hunter been prosecuted for his various crimes, some of which he videoed?
  • Democrats Shielded: Where’s the evidence Schiff kept saying he had proving Trump’s Russian collusion? Why hasn’t anyone been prosecuted for the Russian Collusion hoax that cost taxpayers over $25,000,000 in special prosecutor expenses. Why hasn’t Maxine Waters been prosecuted for her video, where she incited people to assault conservatives? Why isn’t Hillary in jail for divulging classified information to foreign hackers who accessed her illegal servers?

This section focused on what the gov’t and media won’t tell us. Next, I’ll focus on what they do tell us.

The Real Conspiracy

In 2022, government and media ‘actors’ work together to actively create a pre-planned worldview and perspective in the public’s mind.

To keep their jobs at the pinnacle of worldly success, these government and media actors religiously stick to the script…they don’t question any of the lies that they knowingly spout.

Jesus said,

“The Light has come into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the Light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come into the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

But whoever practices the truth comes into the Light, so that it may be seen clearly that what he has done has been accomplished in God.”

John 3:19-21
‘Truthers’ Not Welcome

Anyone who contradicts or exposes any of the world’s lies is asking to be ‘canceled‘ and shouted-down as a conspiracy theorist, homophobe, transphobe, semi-fascist, etc.

What are the world system’s lies? Here are just a few examples:

  • Biden says we’re not in a recession, even though the facts say we are.
  • The US government said we were in Vietnam to protect democracy from communist expansion, but that was a lie. We were actually there to feed the military-industrial complex. Then, after more than a decade of spending blood and money, we turned South Vietnam to the communists. Now we have communists in congress and the White House. (‘Socialist’ is a euphemism for communist.)
  • “Inflation will be transitory” and “cancelling student debt will not raise inflation.” link
  • Congressman Schiff lied when he said he had proof of Trump’s crimes.
  • The entire anti-Trump ‘Russian Collusion’ hoax was built on lies and fraud
  • ‘The Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation.’ No, it will pour gas on the inflation fire.
  • Obama lied when he promised, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”
  • Bush lied when he told the world, ‘There are WMDs in Iraq, so we need to depose Saddam Hussein…We’ll be out in 6 months…We’ll use Iraqi oil to pay for the war.’
  • The transsexual fad is a lie–thinking that a person can change their gender by wishing or believing it to be true. So-called transsexuals are mentally ill, trying to contradict the truth of their own DNA, brain, and physiology.
Trans delusion
  • Abortion is healthcare? Another false euphemism. Except in rare legitimate cases–for the survival of the mother–abortion is commonly used as a backup form of birth control by unmarried women who want to avoid the life-consequences of their promiscuity. It’s definitely not healthcare for dead and dismembered babies, whose body parts are sold.
abortion is healthcare sign

I realize the things I just said will offend some people. But, is what I said true? If so, and you’re offended, you’re offended because I exposed lies that you believe. If you’re wise you will turn and follow the truth.

Don’t Be Deceived – Conclusion

So, how can you avoid being deceived? Walk in the truth, rejecting the world system’s propaganda.

For anyone who wants to walk in truth but needs a little guidance, here’s a simple checklist to help you discern truth from lies. For any decision, belief, or habit, you can evaluate its light or darkness by asking a few simple questions.

  • Is it factually true?
  • Does it agree with the Bible? (for help understanding the Bible today, read the Law of Christ article)
  • Does it agree with nature?
  • Do you have the positive ‘witness of the Holy Spirit’ about it?
  • Is it false based on evidence?
    • Yes Mr. Biden, you are lying. Two quarters of negative GDP mean we are in a recession now.
  • Does it contradict the Bible?
    • Don’t attack countries that have no intention of attacking yours
  • Does it go against nature?
    • Homosexuality is against nature (Romans 1:24-28)
  • Does it generate guilt, anxiety, or any other negative emotion?
    • Before considering an abortion, ask “What does God say?” in your heart

Wars and Rumors of Wars (Matthew 24:6)

  • In week 26 of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe had to be stopped because transmission lines were damaged. The plant has been re-started and is operating, but it remains “one step away from a radiation disaster” due to fighting in the vicinity.
  • Iran is now an emergent nuclear power
    • This means Iran now has nuclear weapons.
    • While the US negotiates with the Iranian ayatollahs about their nukes, we’re engaged in actual combat with Iranian forces in Syria after Iranian drones attacked American forces there.
    • Biden’s administration seems dedicated to placating Iran, just as Obama did during his second term.
      • Starting at 8:12 in this video Israeli Amir Tsarfati says the current US/Iran deal is 100 times worse than the one Obama tried to finalize.
      • Amir also said the head of the Mossad said, “America is giving in to an Iranian deception.”

Famines in Various Places (Matthew 24:7)

Jesus said, “All these things are the beginning of birth pangs.” (Matthew 24:8)

Then They Will Deliver You to be Persecuted and Killed (Matthew 24:9)

  • Voice of the Martyrs Global Prayer Guide
    • You can sort this site’s information to get detailed persecution information for each nation

And This Gospel of the Kingdom Will be Preached in All the World as a Testimony to All Nations, and Then the End Will Come. (Matthew 24:14)

  • Remember, God is not on the defense! He will soon pour out His Spirit, power, and glory on His faithful disciples.
  • All creation eagerly awaits this event!
  • As a result of their preaching an innumerable multitude, with representatives from every nation and language, will be saved in the final harvest of the earth. (Revelation 7:9)

Current Events’ Analysis

OBiden’s Fascist America?

In the video on this page Biden declared that so-called MAGA Republicans are “semi-fascists” and “a threat to our democracy. ” He said “they embrace political violence” and they’ve chosen “to go backward into anger, violence, hate, and division.”

But, history tells a different story. MAGA republicans embrace the constitution, not political violence. Leftists are the ones embracing political violence; for example, BLM and Antifa burn cities and vandalize federal buildings, anti-abortion leftists harass Supreme Court justices at their homes, and Maxine Waters incited leftists to assault conservatives.

Biden claims people who want to make America Great Again are “semi-fascists.” But, for the entire year of 2020, up to the election, which side embraced violence and promoted anger, violence, hate, and division? Which side used the Nazi brown-shirt tactics?

Image by

US Government Corruption

Biden Family Corruption
  • Tyler Durden at Zerohedge wrote, “What are the odds that both Biden kids abandoned evidence that would be highly damaging to their father in the runup to the 2020 election, forcing the intelligence community and the MSM to coordinate massive damage control campaigns?”
    • FBI officials intentionally delayed investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop until after the 2020 presidential election.
      • A poll reports that 79% of Americans would have voted for Trump if the disgusting and criminal information in Hunter Biden’s laptop had been known. And that’s before people knew about Ashley Biden’s diary.
    • What Ashley Biden, the president’s daughter, wrote in her diary raises a lot of disturbing questions. Ashley wrote:
      • As a child she shared ‘probably not appropriate’ showers with her father
      • She was “hyper-sexualized at a young age.”
      • She had “deep resentment for her father due to his money, control, and emotional manipulation”
Leftist Domestic Terrorists
  • Conservative congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene got ‘SWATted’ twice in 2 days
    • Transsexual activists used fake 911 calls to send SWAT teams to her house while she was sleeping.
    • Greene had introduced a bill in Congress last week that would make it a felony to provide gender-affirming care to transgender minors.
    • The caller used a VPN, so police said they couldn’t identify him or trace the call.
Two-tiered justice in America
  • Two-Tiered Justice System. The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago
  • DOJ proves there is a two-tiered justice system
  • 79.3% of Americans believe there are two tiers of justice in America. “One one set of laws for politicians and Washington D.C. insiders vs. one set of laws for everyday Americans.”
  • I believe:
    • DOJ and FBI are Anti-conservative. For example, they relentlessly persecute Trump and all his administration officials, and everyone present at the Capital on January 6, 2021.
    • DOJ and FBI are Pro-liberal. They overlook leftist crimes; e.g., Hillary’s compromise of Top Secret data, BLM and Antifa rioters, Maxine Water’s incitement to assault conservatives, and Hunter Biden’s crimes. None of these have been prosecuted.

Global Climate Change

Suicidal ‘Green Fanaticism’

Czech President Zeman said, “The primary cause of the crisis was not the Ukraine war, but “green fanaticism” that has left European countries dependent on energy sources that cannot meet demand.”

Fuel Prices

Britons will soon get an 80% energy bill increase.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles warns:

  • Europeans are about to endure a “winter of great suffering” as a result of Russia fully suspending gas supplies during the freezing months.
  • Gas rationing is being recommended for all member states by EU leadership
  • Many European countries already dictate thermostat controls
  • The video below discusses “a winter of discontent is building to a crescendo as a result of western support for ‘the current thing’ as well as disastrous net zero green energy policies.
    • The ‘current thing’ is the war against Putin in Ukraine.
High Energy Prices are Intentional
  • As soon as Mr. Biden took office, his policies created global shortages, resulting in rising fuel prices. This was no accident. This video proves high gasoline prices are intentional.
  • Echoing the party line, at 2:47 in the video below the US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says, “the more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles.”

At 3:47 in the video below the White House Energy Advisor is caught in a blatant lie when he blames Putin for the rise in gasoline prices.

Inflation, Poverty and Famine

I remember when Obama was president it seemed like he intentionally spent as much money as he could possibly spend. One Forbes writer called him “The biggest government spender in world history,” hiding the truth behind a strategy of ‘calculated deception.’ That’s a nice way to say he’s a very skilled liar.

The Hill called Obama “the most fiscally irresponsible president ever.” One example of his extravagance was when president Obama rode Air Force 1 to a family vacation in Hawaii, but his wife and daughters rode a separate government jet, costing taxpayers an additional $100,000.

It was about this time that I first heard of modern monetary theory (MMT). Simply put, MMT proponents teach that since the government can create all the money it needs–up to infinity–by typing it into the Federal Reserve’s computer screen. According to MMT, the government can never go bankrupt. So, spend! spend! spend! because nothing bad will happen as a result.

Why am I harping about Obama since Biden is now the president? Because, I believe Biden isn’t actually in charge in 2022. Rather, he’s the figurehead for Obama’s 3rd term. Obama is the actual power behind the throne, and he’s ruling through Susan Rice (and others) in the Biden White House who carry-out Obama’s plans. Obama is infamous for weaponizing the IRS, and the bill Biden just signed will provide Obama’s shadow government with 87,000 new IRS agents to financially destroy his political opponents.

Of course MMT is a delusion, and reality is soon catching up with us in the form of hyperinflation. Global economies are crashing, even as Biden denies the fact that the US is now in a recession, and we’re heading into the worst depression in living memory.

At 4:10 in the video above, “the Biden administration has already printed more money in the last two years than the previous 100 years combined. The national debt just hit a record 30 Trillion dollars.”

It’s actually worse than 30 Trillion. Click the US Debt Clock to see the US debt right now.

Student Loan Handouts

This week, about 10 weeks before the mid-term election, Biden trumpeted his approval of student loan handouts at an estimated cost to taxpayers between $500,000,000,000 and $1,000,000,000,000.

When asked if the administration estimated the cost of this vote-buying scheme, Susan Rice (Biden’s Director of US Domestic Policy) said, “I can’t give you that off the top of my head.” Other administration officials likewise said they didn’t know (and probably didn’t care) how much it would cost. After all, under MMT it doesn’t matter. Just get the Federal Reserve to type the digits into their computer–et voila, it’s done!

Potential for Political Backfire?

Biden hopes this act of charity will produce lots of democrat votes in the upcoming elections, but I think he ‘jumped the gun’ by declaring this handout too early. In the next 10 weeks, if it looks like any court might declare this presidential action unconstitutional, the whole scheme will backfire and all those prospective democrat voters will be angry. Listen to what Nancy said about it in April.

20 Million US Households are Struggling

In the US, in what’s been called ‘the first step to eviction,’ 20,000,000 households are now struggling to pay their utility bills. These 20 million utility customers are from 30-90 days late. This represents 1 in every 6 households in America.

Global Civil Unrest

At 8:37 in the video above, Steven Kramer said ,”This winter’s energy riots will make the anti-lockdown protests look like a children’s birthday party. He foresees civil unrest on a massive scale. Social disorder is also brewing in Britain, where there’s a growing movement for people to simply cancel their direct debit, to stop paying their bills altogether.”

Image at 9:44 in the video above

US, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and China in Prophecy

In his teaching on the coming Millennium, Christian seer John Fenn foresees the following events occurring in our future:

  • In a showdown over Taiwan, a weak US leader will defer to China over Taiwan. As a result, the US will forfeit whatever remaining credibility it has after the 2021 Afghanistan debacle. China will assume the role as the world’s national-level superpower, but it join the Antichrist’s one-world government…China won’t surrender its sovereignty to a global government.
  • The US will be neutralized before Daniel’s 70th week, possibly by an economic collapse. As a result, the US is not a factor in end-time prophecy.
  • The Ezekiel 38 war will happen before the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week.
    • In this war, Fenn says God will ‘neutralize’ Russia, Turkey, and Iran so that they are no longer factors on the world stage.
    • Later, China’s 200 million man army will roll across Southern Russia to Israel without any Russian opposition. (Revelation 9:16)
  • After the dust settles from the Ezekiel 38 war, the one-world government will make a 7-year peace treaty with Israel, allowing them to build a temple.
  • China will rise into prominence as the leader of the ‘kings of the East.’ (Revelation 16:12)

How to Maintain a Positive and Victorious Attitude in the End-time

How can you have a positive, victorious attitude when we’re literally living at the end of the age?

First, walk in communion with the Holy Spirit, in submission to the Law of Christ. Isaiah 26:3 promises, “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

Then, if you’re walking in communion with God, use the OODA Loop process:

  1. Observe: see what the true situation is, without hiding from it or sugar-coating it. Guard against normalcy bias when reality shows things really are bad and getting worse. Today, Christians are like Jews in 1930s Germany. You see signs of trouble ahead, but will you heed the signs?
  2. Orient: where do these events fit within God’s prophetic schedule? What can we expect to happen in the near future?
  3. Decide: in view of (1) what’s happening now and (2) what’s likely to happen, what should you do to prepare–physically, mentally, spiritually?
  4. Act: take action according to your assessment and decisions.
  5. Loop: keep repeating steps 1 through 4.

If you have questions about how to practically do these things, email me at

End-time Chart

The timeline below is from my Sequence of End-time Events article. It details my current understanding of the end-time transition period, from one age to the next. As of today I believe we’re in the time of the 3rd Horseman–Shortages.

You can easily match many of the items under the 4 Horsemen with events in this week’s news.

Three Destinies for Christians

As I discuss in more detail in my Sequence of End Time Events article, Christians will soon be forced to sort themselves into one of three destinies:

“If anyone is destined for captivity, into captivity he will go; if anyone is to die by the sword, by the sword he must be killed.” Here is a call for the perseverance and faith of the saints.” (Revelation 13:10)

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s leader, hoped that the Covid-19 crisis would be the catalyst for the Great Reset. But the Covid pandemic didn’t get it done. It wasn’t dire enough to reset the world’s economies and bring national governments under a single global authority. 

As a result, the globalists know they need a larger event. This event will probably cause the distribution of electricity, food, water, and fuels to stop; for a week, a month, or as long as it takes to make the nations desperate for a solution. Many things could cause this stoppage: a solar flare, an economic collapse, a terrorist or nuclear attack, etc.

Regardless of whether it’s caused by a natural disaster or manmade, the globalists will use this event to trigger the Great Reset. The event will bring desperate nations into a central currency, begging for relief, and they’ll willingly submit their sovereignty under a global government.

Then, according to Rev 13:10 (above), every Christian will be forced to choose one of these destinies:

  1. 95% of believers will willingly trade their freedom for food, water, and shelter. They’ll surrender themselves into government control, which means captivity. In captivity, they’ll eventually be forced to either comply by taking the “mark of the beast,” or die.
  2. Patriots and constitutionalists will be killed if they forcefully rebel against the new government. Jesus said, “All those who draw the sword shall die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52)
  3. A small remnant of God’s disciples will be prepared to persevere in the wilderness in a “camp of the saints” during the great tribulation. (Revelation 12:6, 14) This experience is called “The Greater Exodus,” and it’s rehearsed every October in the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles. I’ll elaborate more about this in future newsletters.

One of the main reasons I’m publishing this newsletter is to share this information with my subscribers so that they can understand and prepare themselves to consciously choose (and prepare for) the third destiny–perseverance.

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    I am in complete agreement with everything you are saying above. Like a runaway train, society is being brainwashed at breakneck speed. I do not believe it is just Biden, the liberals, the leftists. It is also the conservatives, Trump, MAGA, “professed” Christians. January 6th at the Capitol was wrong by the standards we were raised on. I am not saying the election was or was not rigged, or that it should have or should not have been investigated. Through my eyes, the problem is that evil has permeated both sides to the degree that it is no longer about the people, love of country, or God. It is about a world without God, controlled by power and wealth and at any cost. The left wraps itself in the guise of humanitarianism and acceptance. The right wraps itself in christian values while showing nothing of the kind. From my perspective there are those us who are sincerely concerned for all those things, humanitarianism, acceptance and christian values on both sides. As you quoted, “The media literally ‘programs’ the public’s perception of reality.” In our lifetime, every generation becomes more and more secular. The 24 hour news cycle leaves no solid ground, just propaganda and opinions. Where is God’s love in any of this? God gave us a rule book, not because he wants to punish us but because he loves the least of us. He knows the destruction and pain that results in not following his guiding light. As parents, we know how much we hurt when our children fall. We don’t judge, we hold out our hand and say “I Love you, how can I help”. God has done that for me so many times. Our world is on a slippery slope because it has turned from God on a scale I can’t comprehend. I wonder how much of the problem is a result of “The Church”. A subject for another day, but maybe the root of it all. I appreciate all your thoughtful words and advice. God Bless You, rite

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