First darkness then light

First Darkness, then Light

You don’t have to be a prophet to know the whole world is descending into a period of moral darkness and depravity, criminal violence, wars, poverty, and hunger. It’s not hard to see the following things coming to the world in the next few years:

  • Economic collapse
  • Civil war
  • WW3
  • Famines
  • Pandemics
  • Global totalitarianism
  • Hopelessness.
first darkness, then light

But, there’s hope because, like the sunrise, this darkness will soon be displaced by the light of God’s glorious kingdom rising in all nations of the earth. Then, everyone on earth will see the light of God’s glory and have the opportunity to reject the darkness of this world and enter God’s kingdom.

How can you escape the darkness and enter God’s kingdom of light? To learn more, read the free book Arise, Shine! It reveals how the most glorious event since Pentecost is about to happen, and how you can be a part of the 144,000 manifested sons of God.

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