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The Tree of Life

I’m working on my next book and I’d like your input.

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

In the beginning, Adam & Eve forfeited their access to the Tree of Life, and thus they inevitably died and their bodies returned to dust. Likewise, you and I will die unless we learn how to access the Tree of Life and eat its fruit. The entire Bible is written so that we can succeed in doing so.

Zechariah 4:14 and Revelation 11:4
Zechariah 4:14 and Revelation 11:4

The Tree of Life theme starts in the Garden of Eden and goes all the way through the Bible to the new heaven and earth, from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation.  And yet, I’ve never seen or heard any teachings or sermons about it.  So, I’m doing one.

I’ve developed a detailed, draft outline that includes the following related subtopics:

  • What do the two trees in the center of the garden represent? (The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.)
  • What is the way to the Tree of Life?  How to obtain immortality?
  • What do the cherubim represent?
  • What is the revolving, fiery sword that guards the way to the Tree of Life? (Genesis 3:24)
  • The River of Life that waters the Tree of Life.Wooden Cross
  • The menorah as the Tree of Life.
  • What is life? What is death? How they met on another tree–the Cross.

Please ‘Post a Comment‘ at the bottom of this page with your insights or questions about these topics. With your help, this book will be much more interesting and comprehensive than if I just rely on my own knowledge and perspective. Thanks!

Tree Of Life Henna On Pregnant Belly