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We’re now in the birth pangs from this currently wicked and violent world system to the good and peaceful reign of the Messiah

Birth pangs of the coming ageNations have ruled mankind since Noah’s flood, and it was through the nation of Israel that God birthed the Savior, Jesus the Messiah.  Through His obedience and self-sacrifice, Jesus earned the title ‘King of kings and Lord of lords.’ His heavenly kingdom will reign over all the nations of the earth for the next 1000 years.

In Matthew 24:8, Jesus spoke of the ‘birth-pangs of the age to come.’ On January 15, 2016, I wrote in my journal that “the water is broken and the final birth pangs are beginning.”  Today, anyone with open eyes can see the accelerating birth pangs of the coming age.

After 9 months, a pregnant woman’s baby is ‘full term’ and ready to be born. Her long period of waiting in anticipation starts to be over when her water breaks.  Then, birth pangs start, far apart and mild. Contractions steadily get more intense and frequent. Finally, in the ‘transition phase’ of childbirth, contractions are extremely intense as her child is forced out of its birth canal into the world.

Our water is broken, and now the world events we’re seeing are the birth-pangs of the new age. The ‘transition phase’ from the current evil age to the reign of Christ will come within a few years. In this coming transition phase, the Bible foretells a global economy and government will arise, led by the Antichrist–the embodiment of Satan; half the world’s population (3.75 billion people) will die through wars and famines; and there’ll be an increase in major earthquakes, meteorites, and other natural disasters.

Good News?

Why are these dreadful apocalyptic and cataclysmic events actually good news?  It’s good news because we’ll soon see the glorious manifestation of the sons of God, resulting in a worldwide harvest of billions of new disciples of Jesus Christ.  We’ll know that, shortly after their manifestation,  everyone on earth can expect to see the Lord Jesus Christ, like lightning flashing from east to west, when He returns in glory to inaugurate His reign from Jerusalem.

The (free, downloadable) books on this site are designed to teach you the scriptural basis for these events, how and why this transition from the current evil age to the reign of Christ is happening, and how you can become an overcomer in God’s eternal kingdom.

Overcomer Resources:

The Overcomers’ Treasure Map: How to Fulfil Your Destiny Within the Plan of God

Other end-time books discuss Overcomers Treasure Mapthe what and when of end-time events; this book covers the why and how.  Other end-time books focus on earthly entities and events, but this book reveals (from the Biblical perspective) the spiritual/celestial realities that are the cause or effect of earthly events.

Available free on this website

Or, to buy it, go to Amazon.com or Google.com and search for:

  • ASIN B073MTVFVW for Kindle e-Book
  • ASIN 1973353814 for Paperback book

Arise! Shine!

This book describes the nArise! Shine!ext big event in God’s timetable–the Manifestation (literally, the unveiling) of the glory of God in the 144,000.

Romans 8:19 tells us the entire creation is anxiously awaiting the manifestation of the sons of God, and entire chapters in the Book of Isaiah are devoted to this glorious event and its effects on the nations of the earth.

Available free on this website

Or, to buy it, go to Amazon.com or Google and search for:

  • ASIN B0754H47WC for Kindle e-Book
  • ASIN 1940365112 for Paperback book

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